Photo tips - August 19, 2020

My photography equipment

My photography equipment

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I love photography because I forget about everything that happens around me every day. I enjoy every moment when I can travel, be outside and discover the beauty of nature or interesting places. In my photography, I try to pay particular attention to good composition and light, which are the basis of good photography for me. I try to have the final photos as natural as possible with perfect technical quality.

For the last 3 years I have been trying my luck in world competitions (International Photography Awards – WPE, 35 Awards, IPA Photo Awards), where I recieved several awards, for which I am very grateful. Also, some of my photos have been published in book publications and one on the Lonely Planet website.

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my top achievements

Publications & Awards

My 2 photos was selected to the 5th and 6th awards catalogue: Best photos and photographers of the year.
Catalogue 5th & 6th 35Awards
- 2020 & 2021 -
I got to the Top 100 Photographers in the World on WPE 2021. They rank the world's BEST photographers.
WPE - Photographer Awards
- 2021 -
My 15 Czech photos was selected into the books Magical Czechia & Magical Prague at the end of years
CBS Nakladatelství
- 2020 & 2021 -
My name is milan Chudoba
I am Landscape & Cityscape photographer
I love that feeling when I am in the right place. Than its time to stand still, watch and capture the right moment.
6 years